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April 1, 2012

A different kind of fiber

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Since we announced Google Fiber, we have heard a lot of rumors that we’ve been building a fiber optic network that would deliver Internet speeds 100 times faster than what most Americans have today, and while we are humbled by these speculations, we have focused our efforts on developing a different kind of fiber, Google Fiber.
At Google, we push the limits of technology to improve our users’ lives. As we started thinking about fiber, we realized that there hadn’t been real innovation in the fiber world in a very long time. Although we push our bodies to do more and be more productive every day, we still rely on outdated sources of fiber and nutrients.
Today, after extensive testing, we’re launching Google Fiber, a nutritional bar with a smarter fiber we’ve coded as ‘Fiberlicious.’ In just 4 weeks, Google’s Fiber is able to take cues from the intestinal tract and the body’s metabolism to determine what nutritional elements are missing and deliver the appropriate dose to the specific organ that needs it. We’re proud to announce that Google Fiber will first launch in Kansas City, KS and Kansas City, MO!

Joe Reardon, Mayor Kansas City, KS and Sly James, Mayor, Kansas City, MO at the launch of Google Fiber

Google Fiber helps increase productivity, bolster efficiency and gives your body all it needs to lead a healthy lifestyle, allowing you to make the most of your health, one byte at a time. Get your own supply of Google Fiber today.