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August 10, 2012

Announcing Google Fiber premium TV content

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If you love TV—and want to learn more about Google Fiber TV—then today’s blog post will be right up your alley.
On our website we’ve updated our Plans & Pricing page to be clearer about which channels will be offered with our Gigabit + TV package. Right now there are about 185 channels included, and we’ll continue to add more of your favorites over the next few months. So, for $120, our Gigabit + TV subscribers will get all of these channels, along with a new Nexus 7 tablet (which doubles as your new remote) and ultra fast Gigabit Internet. You’ll also get HD content and a DVR with 2TB of storage that can record up to 8 shows at a time for no extra charge. And remember, for this package we’re waiving the $300 construction fee.
For our TV customers who are also movie fans, there’s more. We’re excited to offer both Starz and Showtime as optional add-on packages. Both packages are full of popular HD movie channels, with enough action, drama, and family-oriented programming to keep movie lovers happy for years. Our Gigabit + TV customers can add on 17 Starz channels for an additional $10 per month. They can also add on 11 Showtime channels for an additional $10 per month.
Finally, our TV service already offers some great Spanish-language programming. But we’ll also have some additional popular Hispanic channels available for an additional $5 per month, including Univision tlnovelas, Bandamax, and Telehit.
In summary, here are the three new add-on packages that will be available for our Gigabit + TV customers:
Starz ($10/month for Gigabit + TV customers): Starz, Starz Cinema, Starz Comedy, Starz Edge, Starz in Black, Starz Kids and Family, Encore, Encore Action, Encore Español, Encore Family, Encore Love, Encore Drama, Encore Suspense, Encore Westerns, IndiePlex, MoviePlex, RetroPlex
Showtime ($10/month for Gigabit + TV customers): Showtime, Sho2, Sho Beyond, Showtime Extreme, Showtime Family Zone, Sho Next, Showtime Showcase, Sho Women, Flix, The Movie Channel, The Movie Channel Xtra
Hispanic ($5/month for Gigabit + TV customers): Univision tlnovelas, FOROTv, Telehit, Bandamax, Ritomoson Latino, De Película, De Película Clásico
All of these channels are also listed on our website, which we’ll continue to update with more information as we add new programming. Stay tuned!