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August 31, 2012

Another look at Fiberhood thresholds

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We’ve said for awhile now that Google Fiber will offer a different experience than other Internet and TV providers. Our Internet is 100 times faster. Our TV has hundreds of channels in crystal clear HD. And we’re offering quality service plans that are affordable.
But aside from offering a good product, we’re also trying to be different in another way—we want to listen to customer feedback and implement it into our service. So, when some Kansas Citians asked us to review their pre-registration goals, we listened.
Our build-by-demand model is unique. It will keep our prices low by using efficient networking and construction processes. And, in order to make it work, we need accurate data to define the number of residential addresses in each fiberhood. Since we were hearing some concerns about pre-registration goals, we sent our street teams back out into Kansas City, Kan. and Kansas City, Mo. to figure out what changes we needed to make.
Counting and confirming addresses in this way is actually a pretty difficult process. We found that, while we’d relied on a variety of sources to determine how many residences were in each fiberhood, the data wasn’t 100% accurate—specifically around vacant lots, abandoned homes and large apartment buildings—and therefore affected our pre-registration goals. Based on our new (and better) data, we’ve decided to adjust some fiberhood pre-registration thresholds.
The changes slightly affect 73 fiberhoods. Out of these fiberhoods, the ones that are below their pre-registration goals are now closer to getting qualified. For the affected fiberhoods that were already past their goals, they now have a higher pre-registration percentage, which means they may get fiber sooner. You can look on our Kansas City, Kan. Fiber page or our Kansas City, Mo. Fiber page to check on the status of your fiberhood.
Many thanks to the Kansas Citians who followed up with us about their fiberhoods. It’s really helpful to have your feedback and suggestions! There are only 9 days left until the end of pre-registration, so hopefully some of these new goals will encourage you to pre-register now and help your fiberhood to meet its goal. In the meantime, come visit us if you have any questions.