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August 31, 2012

Answering your questions about devices and contracts

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As we get closer to the end of pre-registration—and to our first customer installations—we’re getting a few very practical questions about devices and contracts. This blog post addresses some of these common Q&A’s below.
How much will the TV boxes cost?
Your first TV box - plus the Nexus 7 Tablet - are included for free in the Gigabit + TV package. For those of you who want Google Fiber on multiple televisions in your home, you can add extra TV Boxes for $5 each/month for 24 months. You also have the option to purchase TV boxes upfront for $120/ea. Extra boxes include a standard remote control but not a tablet.
What will the wiring and equipment look like? I don’t want my Fiber installation to affect the aesthetics of my house!
We hear you! We made our devices sleek and small so they don’t overtake your living room. We want you to notice Google Fiber’s high speeds and great experience, not the wiring or devices.

  • Our installers will go over all the details with you when they arrive to make sure you’re comfortable with exactly what is being installed and where it is going, but here’s a basic overview for now
  • At first, the majority of our work in your fiberhood will be outside, getting Google Fiber ready to bring to homes. We’ll be stringing Fiber on utility poles, and, in some cases, installing it in the ground. 
  • Next, we’ll bring our Fiber connection from the street to the side of your house. This will happen before your scheduled installation appointment, but we will let you know that we’re coming and knock on your door before we go to the side of your house. Once Fiber is connected to the side of your house, we’ll contact you to schedule your installation.
  • On your installation day the first thing we’ll do is drill a hole (tiny) in an exterior wall to bring the fiber inside. Then, we’ll cover the hole with a mounted wall plate and Fiber Jack on the interior wall. The Fiber Jack, which is about the size of a deck of cards, will convert the fiber into a gigabit Ethernet connection, which will then connect to your Network Box. The Network Box is your Google Fiber router, enabling wired and wireless connectivity to all devices throughout your house. 
  • You get to decide where everything will go (within reason). Our installer will be happy to help you figure out device placement.
  •  If you are a Gigabit + TV customer, the final installation step will include installing the Storage Box right next to the Network Box and then hooking up each of the TV Boxes you’ve ordered.
I’m not sure if I’ll still be in my house in a year. Tell me more about the contracts and terms of service.
The answer to this question will probably depend a lot on the construction timing for your fiberhood and your potential move plans. During the signup period, we'll be more than happy to discuss and help you think through your specific options, and, of course, you can review all of the subscriber terms when you sign-up. But the basic answer is as follows:

  • You can cancel your service any time before we begin construction in your fiberhood (only your $10 registration fee is non-refundable).
  • If you decide to cancel Google Fiber service after it has been installed at your home, you’ll be responsible for:

    • $300 Construction Fee:

  • if you have had any Google Fiber service for more than one year, you owe nothing
  • if you paid the construction fee in full, you owe nothing
  • otherwise, you owe $25 x the number of months remaining in your first year of service

    • Devices for Gigabit + TV Customers:

  • if you have had Gigabit + TV service for more than two years, you owe nothing
  • otherwise, you may return the devices in good working order within 45 days of cancellation or you may pay a prorated amount based upon the value of the devices
  • If you own your home and are considering a move, you may want to think about Google Fiber as a home-improvement. According to the Fiber-to-the-Home Council, a fiber drop can add thousands of dollars in value to the appraisal value of a house.
    Where are the hidden costs? What’s the fine print? There are none. These aren’t promotional rates. We won’t make you call us every six months to keep the price you see on the website. You don’t need to cancel and then restart to get a better “online offer.” No shenanigans; just fast Internet and simple service. We want you to spend your time discovering what 100x the possibilities looks like, not on the phone with us. (Unless you want to call us, in which case, we’d love to chat!)
    As always, if you have questions above and beyond what we’ve covered here, please visit us at 1814 Westport Rd., Kansas City, MO or get in touch with us at 866-777-7550.