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August 21, 2012

Pre-registering in apartments or condos

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We know many of you who live in apartments or condos have had difficulties in pre-registering for Google Fiber. We’re sorry about the delays and complications. The reason is because collecting addresses for these buildings—also called Multiple Dwelling Units (MDUs)—isn’t completely automated, and sometimes we don’t get the right apartment numbers. The process to fix this has been long and painful. We’re making great progress though, and we thought you should know what’s going on.
Since pre-registration opened on July 26th, we’ve been verifying residential addresses reported to us via customer support or website address reviews. So far we’ve been able to resolve over half of the open questions from MDUs and single family homes. The remaining addresses, mainly in MDUs, required a deeper level of verification. In order to confirm these, we’ve been contacting property owners and managers. We’ve also visited hundreds of condos and apartment complexes to get a list of unit numbers.
We’re hard at work updating our address data and responding to the remaining customers later this week. I promise we’re putting all hands on deck to close this out ASAP.
Thank you to @jasonfharper, @bigcomedown, and all the other Kansas Citians who have contacted us regarding this issue.