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September 6, 2012

Last pre-registration questions?

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As the end of pre-registration approaches, we want to remind you that our Customer Support team is here for you. We’re staffed and prepared for the last days of pre-registration, so please call, chat, or email us.
A note regarding addresses: While we’ve resolved the vast majority of address issues, it’s still possible to run into an error while pre-registering—please don’t let that stop you! If you live in a fiberhood and get an address error message for your residence when you’re trying to pre-register, please reach out to us directly or via our website’s address review process. Even if you run into an address issue on the last day of rally, we’ll work through it so you can be counted towards your fiberhood’s goal.
Finally, keep an eye out for our Fiber team throughout the community. If you have any last minutes questions or concerns, and you want to talk to someone in person, they’re happy to help.