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September 25, 2012

Want Google Fiber? Choose your plan now!

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As we approach our first signup deadline (October 2nd for those of you who live in Hanover Heights), here are a few quick reminders about how, when and where you can sign up for Google Fiber.
1. Anyone in a qualified fiberhood can get Google Fiber. Even if you didn’t pre-register for service, anyone in our 180 qualified fiberhoods can still sign up now.
2. Pre-registration is different than signing up. Pre-registration helped qualify your fiberhood for service—but to get service in your home, you need to choose your plan. If you haven’t gone to our website and selected which service plan you want (either Gigabit + TV package, Gigabit Internet plan, or Free Internet), you aren’t signed up for Google Fiber and you won’t get service. Head over to to sign up now.
3. If you miss your fiberhood’s signup deadline, we can’t commit to building Google Fiber to your home. Once we build Google Fiber in your fiberhood, we won’t be coming back anytime soon—we have a lot of other people who want service, and we need to bring Google Fiber to their homes! So make sure you sign up soon and don’t miss your deadline. For those of you in Hanover Heights, this date is coming up in one week, on October 2.
So, how can you sign up for service? Just go to, enter your address and follow the steps to select your service package. If you’ve already pre-registered, you don’t owe any money. If you never pre-registered, but your fiberhood is eligible for service, you’ll pay a $10 registration fee, which will go towards your first month’s bill.
If you want more information about our different service packages, you can visit our website or the Fiber Space in Kansas City, where you can enjoy Google Fiber live. Questions? Email us or give us a toll-free call: (866) 777-7550.