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April 1, 2013

Introducing Google Fiber Poles

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It’s easy to get used to ultra-high speed Gigabit speeds. Websites load instantly, photos upload in seconds, and you never have to wait for web videos to buffer. That’s why, once you’ve used Google Fiber, it’s hard to go back to regular connectivity.
We’ve heard this feedback a few times from our customers in Kansas City; it seems that some folks have become hesitant to leave their home connections. They want to be able to have access to Fiber even when they’re out and and about in KC, not just within the confines of their own home.
So my team of engineers started thinking about possible solutions. How do you get a Gigabit everywhere in the community? We realized that the answer was all around us — utility poles. Poles already have our Fiber strung to them; all we had to do was come up with a way to make that Fiber accessible. That’s what we’ve done today. I’m happy to announce our newest project: Google Fiber Poles.

For more information, and to locate a pole near you, visit