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April 12, 2013

Eighteen New Fiberhood Deadlines

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Now that the snow has melted and the warmer weather is hopefully here to stay, we’re ready to roll out service even faster across Kansas and Missouri.
That’s why we’re announcing the deadlines for eighteen new Fiberhoods today. If you live in any of these fiberhoods, be sure to choose your Fiber plan soon, so that we can come connect you to Google FIber. If you’re not sure which fiberhood you belong to, just type in your address on our website, and your fiberhood info will pop up . As always, if you have any questions let us know!
Kansas Deadlines
Plaza at Speedway - Thursday, May 30
Stony Point - Thursday, May 30
Melrose - Thursday, May 30
Rainbow Ridge - Thursday, May 30
Pomeroy - Thursday, June 6
Southwest Boulevard - Thursday, June 6
Tauromee Ave - Thursday, June 6
Frank Rushton - Thursday, June 6
Washington High School - Thursday, June 6
Central Middle School - Thursday, June 6
North KU Med - Thursday, June 6
Bethel - Thursday, June 13
Community College - Thursday, June 13
Alvey Park - Thursday, June 20
Grinter - Thursday, June 20
White Church - Thursday, June 20
Eisenhower Park - Thursday, June 20
Grant - Thursday, June 20

Missouri Deadlines
Countryside - Thursday, April 18
Greenway Fields - Thursday, April 18
Wornall Homestead - Thursday, May 23
Crossroads - Thursday, May 23