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July 24, 2013

Bringing the Fiber Space to you

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If you’ve been meaning to get to the Fiber Space but haven’t had a chance yet, keep an eye on your local streets — we might be bringing our brand new Mobile Google Fiber Space to your neighborhood.

The Mobile Google Fiber Space will be traveling throughout Kansas City, equipped to answer your questions about what Fiber is and how you can get it. Come relax in our portable living room and:

See the kinds of Fiber devices you’d get in your home:

Learn more about our HD TV offering:

And chat with our local Fiber experts who can answer your questions about Fiber and help you sign up for service:

You can follow the Mobile Google Fiber Space’s travels via our events calendar or on our social media channels: Google+, Facebook and Twitter (#fiberontheroad). Catch us at our next stop tomorrow, Thursday, July 25th from 4:00pm - 7:00pm CST at Matney Park.