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October 30, 2013

Making the Google Fiber mobile app better and more widely-available

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My favorite thing about my job is getting to listen to, and build, what our Google Fiber users want. I work on a small team that focuses on the Google Fiber mobile app, and we’re constantly getting suggestions on how to make our app better. Today, we’re launching our app on two new platforms, plus updating the app with some new features (available for Android and iOS) that you’ve told us you want to use:
Launching the Fiber App for iPhone and iPod Touch Now even more people can use our app. Visit the Apple App Store to download it today!
Making it easier to find your shows
Do you love and watch just a handful of channels? Now, you can use the channel history “shortcut” feature on your app to quickly reach all of your favorites. You’ll find your channel history in the navigation menu by tapping the icon in top left of the screen.
Making it easier to manage your DVR
The Google Fiber Storage Box can hold up to 500 hours of HD content. That’s great for those of you who want to record your favorite shows...but once you have 1,000 sitcoms recorded, how do you sift through it all and find the one you want to watch? Now, the Fiber app allows you to manage your DVR and find, organize and mass-delete all of your content right from your tablet or phone. To see your existing recordings, open the navigation menu and tap DVR. To quickly setup new DVR recordings, tap the search icon and type (or speak) the show title.
Do you have ideas for more features you want to use on the app? We’d love to hear them! Send your “dream features” our way via the Google Fiber help forum.