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November 20, 2013

Another chance to get Fiber in Kansas City

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We’ve heard you — you moved over the past year, you changed your mind, or maybe you just missed your first chance — and you want another opportunity to sign up for Google Fiber.
Good news. Starting today, folks who:
• live in Kansas City, Kan. or Central Kansas City, Mo.,
• live in one of the 180 fiberhoods that are qualified for Google Fiber, but
• haven’t signed up for Fiber yet
will have a second chance to sign up for Google Fiber. Between now and December 22, you can go to our website, enter your address and choose one of our three Fiber packages.

If you sign up over the next month, we hope to have your service installed by Spring of 2014. Our installation crews are moving through Kansas City as quickly as they can — but we know that Spring seems like a long wait. So, if you sign up between November 20 and December 22 and choose our Gigabit + TV plan, you can you pick up your Nexus 7 tablet now (while supplies last), to help you pass the time. The tablet will eventually double as your Google Fiber remote, but we bet that you’ll be able to find some other useful things to do with it in the meantime. Once you’ve signed up for the Gig + TV plan, you can stop by the Google Fiber Space before Dec. 22 to pick up your new tablet.
We also have some news for those of you who are in areas that haven’t been able to get Fiber yet. In March, folks in Kansas City, North, South Kansas City, Mo, Gladstone, Grandview and Raytown will be able to start signing up for Google Fiber. Just like our first wave of sign-ups, we’ll divide these areas into small sections called “fiberhoods.” In each fiberhood, a certain number of homes will need to sign up for service in order to qualify their area for Google Fiber — so get ready to rally your neighbors! We’ll have more info to share (along with a map of the fiberhoods) in the beginning of 2014.
Questions? Join us next Tuesday, Nov. 26th from noon to 3 PM Central Time on Google+ or Facebook where we’ll be answering questions about signing up for Fiber. Or you can always just give us a call.