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August 11, 2017

1,000,000 is a good place to start

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We take customer service quite seriously around here. In fact, to ensure that we hear your feedback and deliver the service you deserve, we collect survey responses for every interaction with our customers across all Fiber markets — whether you’ve had a visit from one of our installers or needed a repair in your home, or you hit us up on the phone, online, or even through Twitter or Facebook.

So we’re really excited today to celebrate our one millionth satisfied customer survey response!


Over the past five years, we’ve been so lucky to be able to provide superfast Internet to incredible people across each of our markets. What you think really matters to us (in fact, it’s one of our central values), whether we’re doing well or have some things we need to improve.

We appreciate and use that feedback to get better. Thank you to the many of you who told us about your experience.  Here are a few of our favorite customer responses that have their own take on a million:

I had about 23 million questions, and [my agent] helped answer all of them. I actually had FUN talking to a customer service representative for once in my life! (Kansas City, KS)

I was a little bit freaking out because a technician was at my apartment installing the unit while I was at work and everything was just a mess. But the agent was very patient with me and even though we ran into a million other technical issues, helped so much. Gold star for customer service, today! (Provo, UT)

It was quick and easy. I was very very impressed and I have loved the quality of my product. I would definitely recommend google fiber a million times over again! (Kansas City, KS)

This is just the beginning — we’ll keep working to improve because the most important number in 1,000,000 is 1. We focus on the individual, and we know that we’re only as good as our next interaction with you. And while we hope you won’t need us, know that if you do, we’re here for you. We want to make sure that you are satisfied customer 1,000,001.

Posted by Leanna Moskowitz, Customer Service Experience Program Manager