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November 10, 2017

Google Fiber Celebrates Milestones in the OC

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Orange County is pretty famous. We’ve got a lot going on -- Disneyland (the original), world-renowned beaches (these ones, and this one), and we’ve also got some super fast Internet happening. Google Fiber launched last summer, and we’ve been growing steadily in the area ever since -- enjoying just how original the OC can be.

In true Orange County fashion, we celebrate our milestones. Last night, hundreds of residents of The Village at Irvine Spectrum joined us for a Google Fiber Festival, complete with food, music, fun and games.

The Village is the latest apartment community in Orange County with access to our super fast Internet + TV. Additionally, we announced on Thursday that sign ups are now open for residents of The Park at Irvine Spectrum. More than 1,400 residents there will have Fiber service available to them in early 2018.

Since teaming up with Irvine Company last year, we’ve been hard at work to bring Fiber to a number of residential and commercial properties in Orange County. Today, thousands of people in Orange County can sign up for Google Fiber. (Visit our website if you want to check if service is currently available for you, or to leave us your email address so we can keep you updated as progress continues in the area.)

Our partner, Irvine Company, is a leader in innovation for their residents, and recognized early the value of building for the technologies of the future. Not many companies would have had the foresight in the mid-1980s to install empty conduit in their properties, but that thinking allowed Irvine Company to future-proof its buildings and adapt to advances in technology quickly. They have been key in our efforts to expand high-speed broadband service in Southern California.

Irvine Company understands that connectivity matters, and we’re excited to help their residents connect faster and more efficiently. And they are doing a lot with that connection -- from monitoring the latest surf conditions to more critical tasks at hand. One gentleman told us at a recent OC event that Fiber’s high speeds and low latency would allow him to keep tabs on his father’s welfare, through a webcam, when they can’t be together.

In fact, we recognize that Internet access can truly change a life -- that’s why we’ve also been working to make connections with Orange County-area organizations that share our goals of expanding STEM and computer science education opportunities to local kids. Through partnerships with the Girl Scouts, Irvine Public Schools Foundation and others, we’re excited to continue building those relationships to benefit the entire community, and enhance the efforts and capacity of these local nonprofits.

Orange County, we’re just getting started! You’ve already got a great reputation, but we hope that one day when people say OC, they’ll think about all the things that can be via fast Internet -- even if it’s just streaming the latest episode of every TV show set here simultaneously.

Posted by Erin O'Neill Schultz, City Manager, Google Fiber Orange County
Photos from Kimberly April Photography