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January 3, 2018

Your Holiday Tech Toys Want Google Fiber

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Did everyone in your family get all the cool new tech toys they included on their lists this year? If so, are they sharing them with you and others, so you can experience the latest and greatest? More importantly, are they being equally good at sharing your home’s bandwidth?

Yeah, that’s what we thought.
New and fast is necessary to run the year’s best tech, but you’ll also want to make sure your network can keep up with all the awesome gadgets you and your loved ones received this holiday season.

If you’re in a Google Fiber city, visit to check availability in your neighborhood. That way you can stream the game while your gamer is racking up points on his or her multiplayer game. Your connected smart home devices and appliances can keep you warm and fed while you upload that video of your dog tearing through all the presents. We don't put any limitations on how you access or use the Internet (aside from our Terms of Service), so you can stream, upload, download, play, listen, and create to your heart’s content—and everyone else in your family can do that too!

Make your tech work with gigabit speed Internet that leaves room for sharing, which is a great way to start 2018 — faster, fairer, and kinder for everyone in your house.

Posted by Greg Leon, Google Fiber Product Manager