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Last week, we shared the news that Google Fiber Webpass is now available in Nashville, joining Austin as the second city where customers can get the best of both Google Fiber and Google Fiber Webpass. Today, Webpass is excited to announce that we’re officially becoming Google Fiber Webpass in all our Webpass cities — from Seattle to Miami!

From now on, whether you’re in San Diego or San Francisco, Denver or Chicago, you’ll see the Google Fiber Webpass name whenever you are looking for truly fast, reliable internet. Google Fiber Webpass leverages point-to-point wireless technologies to quickly serve customers in apartments and condos in high density areas, which makes us a great fit for residents in the dynamic and growing cities we serve. 

Rolling out our new name and branding is another step in bringing together the best parts of both Google Fiber and Webpass — building on our shared mission of connecting more people to reliable, customer-friendly, high-speed Internet. So, while the new name doesn’t mean Google Fiber’s fiber-to-the-home service is expanding to any of our Google Fiber Webpass cities, it does mean that we’re one step closer to providing customers in all of our cities a more integrated Google Fiber and Webpass experience! We’re working as one big team to continue to make sure our customers have a great experience, regardless of where they are and how they get their Internet. 

Thank you to all of our Google Fiber Webpass customers across the country — we’re excited to continue serving all of you, and we’re looking forward to connecting many, many more happy Google Fiber Webpass customers.

Posted by Brien Bell, Head of Webpass

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We hope you love the fourth installment in our series Watch This Way, aimed at making watching TV over the Internet easier. If you missed the earlier editions, you can find them here.

There are a lot of fish in the sea when it comes to watching TV over your Internet (“fish” meaning “streaming services,” in this case). But sometimes, it can feel like there’s something out there for everybody except for you. No matter how eclectic your tastes are, there is an option out there that will make your heart leap. (Plus, having gigabit Internet makes it super easy to take advantage of watching TV over the Internet.) Our handy matchmaking guide below will help you find your perfect match so that you can snuggle in and watch your version of romantic TV and movies (whether that’s a Hallmark movie or classic horror).

If you are a(n). . .

πŸ’“ Anglophile who’s a diehard sports fan, meet your matches: fuboTV, ESPN+, BritBox. fuboTV and ESPN+ both let you watch live sports all day, every day. With ESPN+, you can also watch game replays and highlights. Watch your favorite British TV shows whenever you want over BritBox — accents and dry humor included. 

πŸ’“ Prime-time fan who live tweets reality shows, meet your matches: YouTube TV, Hulu+ Live TV, Philo, SlingTV. With these you can watch live TV — that includes sports, local news, prime time shows, and yes … reality TV, all in real time. 

πŸ’“ Cricket fan with a passion for horror and old cartoons, meet your matches: WillowTV (for cricket), Shudder (for horror), Boomerang (for old cartoons). See? There really is something out there for everyone. Sometimes, even multiple somethings.

πŸ’“ Pop culture-loving anime-enthusiast, meet your matches: Netflix, Crunchyroll. Turns out, you can’t have FOMO when you can watch the hottest new shows on demand with Netflix. And with Crunchyroll, you can watch anime all day, even the latest episode of your favorite series just one hour after it airs in Japan. γ©γ†γ„γŸγ—γΎγ—γ¦ (Dōitashimashite - you’re welcome).

πŸ’“ Wrestling superfan who can quote Disney movies, meet the whole package: WWE TV, Disney+. Wrestling in the day, Disney movies at night. Or vice versa.

πŸ’“ For the Bollywood aficionado: HotStar. Not only can you catch your favorite Indian movies, but you can also start watching HotStar’s original content, from talk shows to comedies.

πŸ’“ Top-notch cinematography and exclusive content lovers, meet your matches: Starz, Showtime, and HBO Now You won’t just watch any series — they have to be award-winning (and nominated) with serious budgets behind them. (CGI dragons, anyone?) These will keep you up on all the exquisite, exclusive content you know and love to talk about.

πŸ’“ Free spirit who also lives for getting stuff for free, meet your matches: Pluto TV, Stirr, tubi, Shout Factory TV. You read that correctly: Free. Watch live TV with PlutoTV and watch TV shows and movies on demand with tubi, all without paying a dime … and watch mindbenders from the ’50s, cult films from the ’80s, and other eclectic works of art with Shout Factory TV (which is also free).

If you’ve read through this entire list and didn’t see something to make you swipe right, fear not — there’s not only still hope, there’s still a lot of hope. There are many other amazing, niche streaming platforms out there, waiting to find their beloved viewers … but, unlike your newfound love, we had to end this blog somewhere.

*All services listed are subject to their own prices, terms, and conditions. Google Fiber is not responsible for these offerings and does not control any aspect of the referenced services.

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In August, we launched Google Fiber Webpass in Austin, marking the first time we’ve offered both Google Fiber and Google Fiber Webpass in the same city. Today, we’re happy to let you know that Google Fiber Webpass has joined yet another Fiber city -- Nashville, Tennessee.

Nashville’s growth has been explosive over the past decade. In fact, the residential population downtown has grown by 90% since 2012, with 12,000-plus new downtown residents. That number is expected to grow to over 20,000 in the next three years, and that growth is mirrored across the city, with new condos and apartments popping up in many neighborhoods.

Google Fiber Webpass is designed to meet that need, using a fixed point-to-point wireless technology to provide internet speeds up to 1 Gig without the need for significant construction work, which will allow us to deliver speedy Internet to condos and apartment residents faster than we ever could before. Eligible residents can sign up today on the Google Fiber website .We’re expanding to new buildings quickly. To help us bring Google Fiber Webpass gig service to your apartment or condo building, check out

We know that Google Fiber Webpass and Nashville are a perfect match. We look forward to helping you put your Gig to good use, whether that's listening to the latest music, streaming the Titans or Predators game, playing your own games, or getting to work in your own home.

Posted by Brien Bell, Head of Webpass

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Our series, Watch This Way, aimed at making watching TV over the Internet easier, continues with the hope of getting you red carpet ready. Missed the rest/others? Find them here.

You’ve seen the list of nominees, questioned who got snubbed, and tweeted your feelings about it more than once. But are you really ready for all the awards shows? Have the perfect outfit, seen all the movies, and know just how you plan to tune in? The truth is that you don’t need much more than the Internet to prepare and watch these big nights. Here’s how:

Getting ready: Choose your Internet TV service.

Yes, you can watch major awards shows and events without cable. Many local broadcast stations have web- or app-based ways to watch, or you can use a cable alternative like YouTube TV or fuboTV. Double check that your service of choice features the programming you’re looking for.

To watch TV over the Internet, you’ll need a smart TV or a streaming device, such as a Roku Player, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, XBox One, Android TV, or Apple TV. Plus, when you watch over gigabit Internet, you can say goodbye to buffering — no missing out on the most important moments.

Getting ready: Do your research and get familiar with the nominees.

Not to say that we don’t miss the days of video stores, but it’s pretty helpful to be able to watch 10 movies in a row without ever leaving your couch. Check out Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Disney+ to get started on the films and TV you may have missed. Then you’ll be armed with all the information you need to make predictions.

During the show: Share your thoughts in real time!

Arguably one of the best parts of watching awards shows in real-time is live tweeting your opinions, staying caught up with fashion highlights and lowlights, and seeing (or making) memes before they go viral.

Can’t stay up that late to catch it all? Don’t worry! You can watch when you’re ready. Many cable alternatives come with plenty of cloud DVR storage, or you watch on-demand the next day. (You just might want to rethink your social media strategy.)

So grab some popcorn, suit up in that red carpet-worthy outfit, and get ready to share your thoughts on your preferred social platform. It’s showtime.

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TV. We all watch it; we all love it. That will never change.

But what will change — what has changed — is how we watch it. You no longer need pricey bundles that force you into paying for channels you’ll never watch, taking away your choice and control. And you especially don't need to be locked into one way to get TV in the face of continued price increases or contract battles when all you want to do is watch TV.

Nope, you really only need one thing: fast, fair, reliable Internet.

As we return our focus to where we started — as a gigabit Internet company — we’re also ready to challenge the status quo, to finally come right out and say it: customers today just don’t need traditional TV.

The best TV is already online. And we want to help you watch it, in the ways that work best for your budget and your own viewing preferences. You want live TV? Great. Sports? Go get it. On-demand shows? Absolutely. It’s all online, just waiting for you.

So, as of today, Google Fiber will no longer offer a linear TV product to new customers. For our current TV customers, we know you have come to rely on Google Fiber TV and we will continue to provide you with traditional TV service. And we'll be happy to help everyone explore other options to get their favorite programming the way TV is watched now — over the Internet, with the virtually unlimited choice and control online viewing provides.

In fact, we’ve added a second streaming service to our line-up: starting today, customers can sign up for fuboTV at the same time they sign up for their Google Fiber service. This is particularly exciting for sports fans — fuboTV offers more than 35,000 live sporting events each year. And you can also watch popular TV shows, movies and news on fuboTV — their base package alone has more than 100 live channels and more than 30,000 TV episodes and movies on demand every month. You also get cloud DVR and the ability to stream simultaneously on multiple screens.

Our partnership with fuboTV is in addition to one with YouTube TV, announced in December. Now, new Google Fiber customers have at least two options to choose how they want to get the live and on-demand programming they know and love. Of course, customers can always sign up for any of the many other streaming services on their own — we’ll provide the Internet!

When you have a smooth, steady connection of a gig (or more!), getting all your TV online — live, show by show, your DVR — is possible and easy. Without long loading screens and bulky cable boxes; without competing for bandwidth from other devices or family members. And, especially, without worrying about hitting a data cap.

We didn’t make this change happen; the industry didn’t make this change happen. You did. You’ve been telling us for a long time that you wanted more choice and more control. You wanted no contracts and more flexibility. You made your voice heard with where and how you spend your money, and Google Fiber is listening.

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