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Charlotte-based muralist Rosalia Torres-Weiner believes art can sustain us during difficult times. As a self-titled “Artivist,”  Rosalia seeks to find creative ways to use art to bring people together, advance justice and equity, and inspire more good in the world.

In October, Rosalia created her response to COVID-19 called “Art Essentials,” which is part scavenger hunt, part public art project and part emergency relief. Rosalia created and hung 100 pieces of her original art in public places like bus stops, laundromats, apartment complexes throughout Charlotte’s Latinx neighborhoods. Folks who found the art discovered another surprise: a message on the back letting them know the painting also served as a voucher for a bag of essential items, including hand soap, hand sanitizer, face masks, and a $50 grocery card at local Compare Foods grocery store….and they get to keep the art!


After a few weeks, all of the art has been collected and 89 of the Art Essentials bags have been redeemed. The rest of the bags of supplies have been donated to the families at Charlotte Bilingual Preschool. Families who discovered the art were thrilled to get both an original painting and assistance with grocery basics at a time when inspiration and help are needed most.

Google Fiber is proud to support Art Essentials, along with a HUG micro-grant from Charlotte is Creative and support from Compare Foods. We continue to partner with local organizations focused on connecting our communities for good.

Posted by Jess George, Government & Community Affairs Manager, North Carolina

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For a while now, we’ve been talking about the wonderful world of streaming. From live sports to obscure indie movies, there is a site and streaming service for everyone. Yes, even you!

At Google Fiber, we know that TV, both live and on demand, is going somewhere only the internet can go, so we’re focused on providing high speed internet that makes streaming easy and enjoyable. And all that choice usually comes with a lower price tag than traditional TV (including ours!). 

That’s why we continue to add streaming partners to make it even easier for Google Fiber customers to find your preferred TV content. Today, we’re excited to add SLING TV to that roster. The pioneer of live streaming TV, SLING TV has today’s most popular channels, available through a monthly subscription that starts at $30 per month, with the flexibility to personalize programming based on different genres.*

SLING TV joins YouTube TV, fuboTV, and Philo in offering Google Fiber customers the best of live and on demand streaming content, at the right price for them.

Frankly, it’s been clear for a while now that the best TV is already online. 27% of households have cut the cord completely opting for streaming only, and 78% have a streaming service of some type. We know that finding the shows you want to watch can be tough sometimes, given the many streaming options available. Use to find your favorite team or your local news live or a show or movie you love, and to compare your different options for watching.

And if you are a Google Fiber TV customer looking for more, we know you deserve better TV, and we’re here to help you get the upgraded experience that’s tailored to your needs.

Posted by Liz Hsu, Director of Product Strategy

* Subject to change, under SLING TV's terms & conditions.

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