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February 8, 2023

Tico Sports helps clients take center field (even at the BIGGEST game of all)

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The next installment of our small business blog series features Tico Sports, a division of Tico Productions LLC, doing some SUPER creative work for their clients (on both sides of the field this weekend) with quality internet helping them stay connected across the country.

We’re pretty busy these days. Tico Productions LLC is a multi-lingual, full-service marketing agency in Kansas City, Missouri, that specializes in cause-marketing, graphic design, video production, creative strategy, and social media. As a piece of that work, Tico Sports provides high energy Spanish-language broadcasts for professional and collegiate sports teams — yes, including the teams currently warming up in Arizona.

So it’s vitally important that Tico Sports’ internet works as hard as our team and keeps up with the speed of the athletes on the field. At Tico Sports, our Google Fiber service keeps our live game broadcasts running in real time, and the symmetrical speeds allow our team to quickly transfer large data files for our video production work. Much of our business depends on our technology working well so that we can reach audiences quickly and efficiently. Our internet partner is a critical component to our success. 


Communication is the name of our game — we have to be able to do this constantly and consistently so that our clients get the results they expect from us. We have been in business for a decade (kind of like Google Fiber), helping our clients tell their stories in authentic ways that get people moving. Having Google Fiber (and their team) in our corner as a strategic partner really helps us come through for our clients — whether THE BIG GAME or just their big day. Regardless of the stage, our internet service helps us make our clients shine.

Posted by Delia Marin, Chief Operating Officer, Tico Productions LLC