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August 2, 2023

Huntsville City Update: Google Fiber makes moves in Rocket City

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Google Fiber  recently opened the doors to a vibrant office space in Huntsville’s MidCity District. Located in the heart of the city, the mixed-use area in Huntsville’s MidCity District is the gateway to some of the world’s largest research and technology hubs, making it an ideal spot for Google Fiber to do business. 


The MidCity District is a thriving, eclectic part of Huntsville, and we’re looking forward to being a part of this community. 

As we often do in our offices, we wanted to reflect our local art scene. Huntsville artist, John “Jahni” Moore, painted an original mural titled “Inner Connection” in one of the office’s common areas. 

Jahni’s inspiration and meaning behind this complex work of art:  

“Taking into consideration the miraculous history of the city as “The Space Capital” and leader in technology and research, underscored by diversity, family life, and community collaboration, the MidCity’s culture forward initiative, and Google Fiber’s intent to bridge fast and reliable connectivity between spaces and people, I channeled an imagery that pays homage to this magnificent recipe.” 


This isn’t Jahni’s first time working with Google Fiber. A Huntsville native, Jahni’s public work is known throughout the city, including his piece “Space Is Our Place” which was commissioned by Google Fiber. Located at Campus No.  805, this mural was recognized by Parade Magazine as the best mural in Alabama in 2019. When he was approached to consider another Google Fiber piece, Jahni knew he wanted to truly connect to the essence of Huntsville while balancing a creative edge. 



“The mural will serve as a window to the imaginative possibilities wrapped in southern hospitality and ingenuity of industry that is the bedrock of this city,” said Jahni. “The young woman represents unlimited creation in action. She paints with the red line that represents life and the living fiber of connectivity. It travels throughout the piece, even as her shoestrings and finally trailing off into the vast frontier of space.”  

Google Fiber recently announced that we’re looking for organizations in Huntsville to test a 20 Gig service, taking fiber connectivity to the next level. The new office gives our team a great new home to continue to make big things happen in northern Alabama.

Posted by Ryun Jackson, Government & Community Affairs Manager.