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October 10, 2023

Speeding up in Huntsville - 5 Gig now available!

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Rocket City is about to get even faster — customers in Alabama can now sign up for Google Fiber’s symmetrical 5 Gig service for $125 a month.


With up to 5,000 mbps symmetrical upload and download speeds, 5 Gig is designed for households that need more than just fast internet. With a Wi-Fi 6 router included, up to two mesh extenders, a 10 Gig Fiber Jack, and professional installation, you’ll get a faster internet experience throughout your home. And as always, GFiber has no data caps or annual contracts. 

And even if you aren’t quite ready for all that speed, you may still be able to get faster Wi-Fi! Huntsville GFiber 1 Gig customers who are still using their Google Fiber network boxes as their router are eligible for an upgrade to a new Wi-Fi 6 router at no additional cost. Switching to Wi-Fi 6 can provide up to 30% faster speeds on compatible devices and give you more control of your home network through the Google Fiber app. Check your eligibility today and to bring your home network up to speed.

Better internet is something we can all agree on — whatever that means for you and your household. GFiber is committed to bringing our customers internet that meets their needs and helps them make the most of everything they do online.

Posted by Nick Saporito, Head of Product