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November 10, 2023

Getting to work in Bellevue, Nebraska

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In September, Google Fiber announced that we are planning to bring fast, reliable internet to Bellevue, Nebraska. We’re currently in the planning process and intend to start construction this winter with the goal of starting to offer service to our first customers in the city by the middle of the year.

In Bellevue, we’re working with a new construction vendor for us — ALLO Fiber — to build our network. A Nebraska-based company, ALLO Fiber has connected residents in the state for the past 20 years, and is ready to hit the ground running. In fact, that’s why we’re able to start building the network so quickly — matching our fastest time from announcement to construction ever in Mesa, AZ! We’re looking forward to working together to bring GFiber’s award-winning internet service into homes across the city.

The City of Bellevue is committed to bringing better internet to their residents, and GFiber is looking forward to being a part of that connected future. We’re excited to be working with an innovative, like-minded local company to make it happen. We’ll continue to look for new ways to deliver quality internet services to communities ever more rapidly. If you are interested in updates on our progress in Bellevue and availability in your area, sign up here.

Posted by Andy Simpson, General Manager - Central Region