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March 5, 2024

Now, everything’s really up-to-date in Kansas City - 8 Gig available in all GFiber KC service areas

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We’re launching 8 Gig in our largest and oldest market — the original Google Fiber metro — Kansas City. The city was recently designated as one of the country’s 31 Tech Hubs by the federal government, a move that recognized both the incredible assets and resources already in the area and the potential for innovation that that infrastructure represents. GFiber is proud to have been part of that growth and development over the past twelve years, helping to drive innovation and testing the limits of speed as our first test site for 20 Gig. 


KC was also one of the first GFiber cities to get our 5 Gig service. We’ve been steadily rolling out our new multigig products in Google Fiber cities across the country since early last year. To do this, we’re updating our network in each city to XGS PON to ensure that we can meet our customers’ needs as they grow over time. We’re upgrading our network holistically across all our markets. 

Included in the monthly cost, 8 Gig customers get symmetrical upload and download speeds of up to 8000 Mbps (wired), along with the GFiber Wi-Fi 6E Router (which allows for up to 1600 Mbps over Wi-Fi) and up to two Mesh Extenders for strong whole home Wi-Fi coverage and, as always, unlimited data, professional installation, and access to GFiber’s highly rated 24/7 customer service.   

You may be wondering why it’s taken us about a year to bring 8 Gig to Kansas City when it was one of the original cities to get 5 Gig in 2023 while other cities have gotten 8 Gig sooner. KC is our largest market — so supporting 8 Gig speeds across our entire service area required us to touch infrastructure across every part of the Kansas City metro area. This is great news not just for our newest 8 Gig customers, but for all our KC customers (and in other cities too), because it means that GFiber’s network is set up to support rising demand for more speed for years to come.

Kansas City has been on the forefront of internet speed since the very beginning, and it’s still very much on the fast track — sign up for 8 Gig here!

Posted by Nick Saporito, Head of Product