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When we launched GFiber Labs last fall, we asked some big questions designed to help us meet the audacious goal of figuring out what’s possible for the internet and what tomorrow’s internet experience should be. While we don’t have all the answers, one certainty is that tomorrow’s internet will need to be faster. Which is why GFiber Labs is on a journey to push speeds to 100 Gig and beyond. Delivering 20 Gig symmetrical speeds was the first stop in pursuing that goal, but journeys are made by next steps. And we recently took that step in our hometown of Kansas City.


For the first time ever, GFiber Labs, using Nokia’s technology, tested 50 Gig on a live network. We put Nokia’s 50G PON technology to the test in one of our KC fiber huts (where we house our network equipment):

GFiber’s philosophy when it comes to our network is that all our customers should have access to the latest technology — whether they’re in the first neighborhood we served in Kansas City or in our newest construction areas in our most recently launched city of Omaha and everywhere in between. That’s why we’ve upgraded our network holistically to XGS-PON wherever possible, enabling 8 Gig speeds and above in all our cities. We are already seeing high interest in our multigig products. And it’s why we’re now working to deploy Nokia 25G PON in all of our markets by the end of the year, so that we can extend access to GFiber Lab’s 20 Gig plan. We already have customers putting this new level of service to the test in North Carolina’s Triangle, and we’re adding new customers to the early access program in select markets. 

So when we start testing new technologies, like 50G PON, you know that it’s more than just an experiment or fun stunt for our engineers to geek out over (although, believe me, we did that too!). GFiber sees a future where the internet must meet the demands of increasing users, devices, and bandwidth hungry applications, including immersive video streaming, virtual and augmented reality experiences, artificial intelligence integration into everyday life, and quantum computing. Multigig is already the new norm. But to meet the challenge of this connected future, we are preparing to further densify our network so when bandwidth needs inevitably multiply, we’ll be ready. We are building a state-of-the-art network and we always want to stay ahead of demand when it comes to our infrastructure. 50G PON has the advantage of co-existing with XGS-PON and 25G PON to make the technology transition easier, which may make it the solution for the future.  

These technologies don’t just mean we can deliver benchmark speeds to the home, they ensure our network is reliable and can meet fluctuations in demand. . .say when a certain hometown team goes to that big game in February, EVERY February. GFiber Labs is working to make sure that customers get the experience they deserve at every point of their service — the fastest speeds to the home, using the latest Wi-Fi technology to take advantage of those speed inside and even outside the home, and making sure all of that is supported by a network that fixes problems before they even occur. 

A customer experience that changes the way we think about internet - that’s what GFiber has always strived to deliver, and as internet needs evolve, we aim to continue to meet that challenge for our customers. Testing 50 Gig brings us one step closer to tomorrow. The journey continues.

Posted by Liz Hsu, Senior Director, Product & Billing

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As Head of Market Operations for GFiber, my team has a responsibility for everything that’s happening in our cities and across the country, from putting the fiber in the ground to making sure our customers have the exceptional experience they deserve. We take that job very seriously, and have been working not just to build out our network but also upgrade it to meet the ever increasing demand and to ensure it’s even more reliable. Because we know that you don’t want to think about your internet — it should just be there when you need it for whatever you need it to do.That’s why my team and I spend so much time thinking about it. We’re obsessed with improving every part of our delivery system to ensure that we meet our promise to our customers, from connecting more people in more places to providing the standard for customer service.  


We’re growing rapidly in all of our markets — this includes building out our networks to areas within the existing cities and also connecting surrounding communities.  As we expand our footprint further, we’re growing our team to help us achieve our goals. If you have a passion for connecting people to what they need and think you’d be a good fit for GFiber, consider joining our team - we’re hiring for many roles on our local and central teams. We’re also hosting Direct Sales Representative recruiting events this month in several of our cities:  


              Location: 3601 South Congress, Austin, TX 78704 
      Date: Tuesday, July 16, 2024
              Time: 9:00 AM till 5:00 PM 
              Register for a time slot here.


              Location: 1101 McGavock St Ste 200 Nashville, TN 37203 
              Date: Tuesday, July 23, 2024 
              Time: 9:00 AM till 5:00 PM 
              Register for a time slot here.


              Location: 1801 North Graham St, Suite 300 Charlotte, NC 2820  
              Date: Tuesday, July 9th, 2024 
              Time: 9:00 AM till 5:00 PM
              Register for a time slot here.

In addition to taking steps to make sure that our network is ready for whatever is coming next as we grow to new spaces and demand continues to increase, we are also upgrading our network to XGS PON (and even incorporating 25G PON). And we're constantly working to improve the resiliency of our fiber optic infrastructure, proactively addressing potential issues. There’s never been a better time to be at GFiber. We’re very excited about what’s coming next. We hope you’ll join us! 

Posted By Darrel Hegar, Head of Market Operations

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Google Fiber has a lot going on in San Antonio — with the recent launch of 5 Gig and 8 Gig and ongoing construction efforts across the metro area, and today, we’re excited to share another big announcement. GFiber Business is now available to local businesses in the SAT metro area.


Starting today, businesses in San Antonio can sign up for our Business 1 Gig ($100/month) and Business 2 Gig ($250/month) plans to serve all their internet needs. Both plans come with symmetrical uploads and download speeds, no annual contracts or data caps and include a Wi-Fi 6E router with Guest Wi-Fi capability. Business 2 Gig also includes up to 2 mesh extenders, a 99.9% Service Guarantee, and a static IP address. Business customers can also add phone service.

SMBs run on fast, reliable internet. GFiber understands the integral role that great service plays in allowing businesses to provide great service to their customers. When it comes to that reliability, we’re all business.

Posted by Sasha Petrovic, Southwest Region General Manager

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We’re going coastal in Carolina! Google Fiber is bringing high speed internet service to Wilmington. The City of Wilmington approved an agreement paving the way for GFiber to bring our network to our first Coastal Carolina metro. 


We’ve already started the engineering process for the Wilmington network and plan to start construction later this year, serving our first customers in the city in 2025. Residents can sign up for updates here.

If you’ve been following along, you know that Google Fiber has been steadily growing in our existing metros in North Carolina as well — including new agreements to build networks in Harrisburg, Kannapolis and Stallings, beginning to serve our first new customers in Hillsborough, and breaking ground in Huntersville. We’re also continuing to build out our networks in Raleigh, Durham, Charlotte and the surrounding communities, opening up service to new neighborhoods weekly across these metro areas. 

Additionally, we recently started installations in Raleigh-Durham for our GFiber Labs 20 Gig service, making NC the first state to get this product. Response has been exceptional across the country, and we’re excited that customers here are the first to get to put all that speed to use.

But North Carolina isn’t our only Carolina! When GFiber announced last October that we’re coming to Tega Cay, everyone wanted to know what else we were planning in South Carolina. Since then,  we have been hard at work, designing our fiber optic network to serve more communities in the Palmetto State. 

In February, we placed our first SC fiber hut in Fort Mill. This critical piece of infrastructure will power and connect customers in Tega Cay and other neighboring SC communities. We’ll be starting network construction in Tega Cay in the next few weeks and will have more to share on that, and on new GFiber communities in the area soon!

Posted by Jess George, Head of Government & Community Affairs- East Region

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Google Fiber is pleased to announce John Abbot has recently joined our team as the company’s first Chief Financial Officer (CFO). In this role, John will oversee GFiber’s Finance, Strategy & Analytics, and  Accounting teams, bringing over three decades of experience in  media, technology, infrastructure, telecom, and finance to his role. 

“John brings a wealth of experience as a CFO and deep industry knowledge to help guide GFiber during this pivotal time for our company,” said Dinni Jain, GFiber CEO. “He understands this business from many angles and his expertise at helping companies grow and scale along with his exceptional brand of leadership are exactly what we need to take the next step in our development.”


Prior to joining GFiber, John served in CFO roles for multiple companies, most recently Dataminr, a leading AI business. He also held these roles at Datto, which he led through their initial public offering, as well as at Cumulus Media, Telx Holdings, and Insight Communications. John has deep knowledge of the finance industry, spending time at both Morgan Stanley in their Media & Telecom group and at Goldman Sachs in their Global Energy & Power group. A graduate of the US Naval Academy, where he earned a BS in systems engineering, John also holds a Masters in Engineering from Pennsylvania State University and an MBA from Harvard Business School. 

Posted by the GFiber Team.

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At GFiber, we are striving to be an internet company for the next generation of Internet users — meeting the challenges of today and building for the demands of tomorrow. This only happens by anticipating what’s coming and being ready for it before it gets here. We’re striving to always be one step ahead, so our customers never have to worry about their internet. From continuing to push multi-gig speeds to the home and in the home to using AI and machine learning across many facets of our business, we’re working to make next gen internet the reality right now. 

A Modern Network Built for Today. . .and Tomorrow
Last month, we rolled out 5 Gig and 8 Gig in San Antonio. While we’ve been making announcements like this regularly over the last 15 months, this isn’t just an empty promise designed to make headlines. This milestone marks a huge step forward for Google Fiber’s entire network and our ability to serve our customers well into the future. With the San Antonio launch, nearly all GFiber customers in single family homes can get our full range of symmetrical multi-gig products. This is a fundamentally different way to deploy a better network. GFiber is upgrading our entire network infrastructure — proactively replacing our GPON network with XGS PON — not picking and choosing specific neighborhoods or streets, to ensure we have a cutting-edge network for today and one that can support our customers’ future internet needs. 

This also means that no matter the age of the network — whether in our “hometown” of Kansas City or our newest metro of Omaha — GFiber customers are served by the same state-of-the-art network architecture. GFiber is investing in the holistic customer experience to ensure that customers have exactly what they need when it comes to their internet. To do this right, speed to the home, speed in the home, and the quality and reliability of that speed are all equally important. By the end of 2024, we expect almost all our new customers to be on XGS infrastructure, which will set them up for future needs. But we’re not stopping there - we are also deploying Nokia 25G PON technology across our cities to go beyond 8 Gig (more on that later).

Powerful Wi-Fi that Complements our Network
But speed to the home is just the beginning. No matter how much internet is coming into your home, Wi-Fi will dictate the speed reality for the vast majority of customers. GFiber is just as obsessed with speed in the home; that is, speed over Wi-Fi. Over the past year, we’ve retired legacy routers and moved to deploy Wi-Fi 6E to all new customers. We’ve also proactively replaced our legacy network boxes with newer devices and all 1 Gig+ products include mesh extenders — both at no cost to our customers. And by the end of 2024, we’re planning to incorporate new Wi-Fi 7 devices into our offerings as they become readily available. In fact, we’re already using a custom built Wi-Fi 7 solution with our GFiber Labs 20 Gig product.  

These advances make multi-gig speeds over Wi-Fi possible. More importantly, they ensure that customers get the experience they expect and that they can truly use the internet they are paying for. Consumer devices and apps will continue to evolve to be able to harness more and more speed. As GFiber customers upgrade their devices, they will be rewarded with speed boosts because they already have the right network, routers and extenders in their homes.

Quality you can count on - literally
GFiber’s quality of service approach doesn’t stop at the front door. To make sure that we’re delivering on our service promise, we’re continuing to up our game to keep our network strong. We’re obsessed with proactively identifying potential issues, so we’re doing proactive sweeps of our entire network daily and using advanced telemetry technologies to monitor both our network and equipment. Our technicians and support reps also have these same tools.  

We want our customers to have visibility into the quality of their in-home internet experience,  so we’re launching a personalized home network quality score in the next few months. It’s also why we are intensely focused on providing a whole home quality score. This score sums up the robustness of our network for each customer on connectivity, speed, and coverage  — all the way to the GFiber Wi-Fi router and beyond to the mesh extender. It includes the quality of the internet coming into their home and to the router, how well their network is working inside their home, down to whether the extender is positioned ideally in the home to maximize coverage. Through the GFiber App, customers will have more transparency into their network, and have the tools they need to ensure their network is working as intended. 

Preparing for what’s next — GFiber Labs

This is really just the beginning. How we use the internet is only getting more advanced and what we demand of our network today will seem laughable in retrospect. GFiber Labs is aiming to take on this challenge, in partnership with other companies, working to push the internet forward. We announced that we would be deploying Nokia 25G PON to enable us to offer symmetrical 20 Gig in every city by the end of 2024. We’ve begun incremental upgrades from XGS to 25G as part of our GFiber Labs early access to this product. Response was incredible, we had over 4000 people express interest in being one of the first to try out 20 Gig, and we started installs in the Triangle in North Carolina in April.

We’ve already seen some pretty incredible use cases from some of our 20 Gig testers. Austin PBS is using 20 Gig to upload the entire archive of 50 years of Austin City Limits, and in Provo, the United Way of Utah County is putting 20 Gig to work to serve the community and better connect their clients. 

Our goal is to anticipate what’s coming and build the ISP for the next generation of internet customers. What’s at stake? Everything! Our customers, our employees, a better internet, and an innovative online experience that drives progress across the industry for all of us. We are working to be better at every point in the internet delivery process and to help move the entire ecosystem forward with us. This isn’t just the next gen internet we know that our customers deserve, it’s the one they will need. 

Posted by John Keib, Chief Technology & Product Officer

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In February, GFiber announced that we’re bringing high speed internet to Clark County, our first foray into Nevada. Now, we're pleased to share that we’re planning to expand that network to the City of Las Vegas. The Las Vegas City Council is currently considering an agreement that will enable us to bring fast, reliable internet to Las Vegas residents.


Over the past decade, Las Vegas has been one of the fastest growing cities in the country, attracting new people and businesses daily. GFiber is looking forward to connecting this vibrant community to great internet service, with symmetrical speeds up to 8 gig, as it continues to grow.

GFiber is already working on the engineering design for Las Vegas. The Las Vegas City Council will vote on our agreement on June 5. Once that is in place, we can get to work on the permitting process with city staff. GFiber plans to begin construction in the City of Las Vegas early next year and serve our first customers in 2025. Local residents who want up-to-date information on service availability or the construction process can sign up here.

Viva Las Vegas! 

Posted by Ashley Church, General Manager, West Region

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Today on the GFiber Blog we’re featuring a guest post from Tech-Moms, one of our incredible Utah partner nonprofit organizations dedicated to helping women transition into tech and achieve long-term success in their careers through training and counseling. As a past cohort graduate, Katie Swenson, the organization’s Social Media Marketing Manager, reflects on her journey to Tech-Moms and why the recent partnership with GFiber is a game-changer. 


My journey into the tech world wasn’t typical. I didn’t major in computer science or dream of coding as a child. Instead, I took what some might call the “traditional” route in life. After graduating with a B.S. in Human Nutrition from Southern Utah University in 2011, I got married, and embarked on a career in sales for a large food distributor. For seven years, I honed my skills in empathy, accountability, customer service, and negotiation, all while raising three young children with my husband. 

In 2020 the pandemic hit, and the restaurant industry, my primary clientele, suffered overnight. I found myself scrambling to help these businesses stay afloat while still juggling the demands of motherhood. The constant blur of balancing work and home life was taking its toll, and I knew I needed a change. 

In June 2020, I made the decision to leave my corporate job and become a stay-at-home mom. It was a leap of faith, knowing it would mean a significant pay cut for my family. Unfortunately, just two months later, I lost my mother to Mesothelioma after a 6 year battle. Amidst grief and uncertainty, I stumbled upon an article about Tech-Moms. 

Tech-Moms? Learning to code? It sounded intimidating at first, but something inside me urged me to sign up for their spring 2021 cohort. And it turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made. Over the course of nine Saturday classes, I learned to design a website from scratch and found a supportive community of women that I never knew existed. 

This experience ignited a passion within me. I just knew I wanted to be a part of Tech-Moms in any way I could. When a part-time position for their social media marketing manager opened up, I jumped at the opportunity, despite not having much experience in the field and being pregnant with my fourth child. Two years later, I’m still learning and growing every day, surrounded by an incredible team while witnessing lives being transformed within this community, just like mine was. Being present with my children has been an immense blessing. There is no shortage of memories being made. 

With GFiber’s support, we are reaching even more women and able to provide them with the resources and opportunities they need to succeed in tech. Collectively, we’re breaking down barriers and empowering women to pursue their dreams, regardless of their background or previous experience. 

At Tech-Moms, our mission is simple yet profound: to empower women to thrive in the tech industry. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom looking to reenter the workforce, or a seasoned professional seeking a change, we’re here to support you every step of the way. Learn more about Tech-Moms at

Posted by Katie Swenson, Social Media Marketing Manager

Tech-Moms is always accepting applications on our website. We run cohorts each fall and winter: September through November and January through March. There are two options for our core training program: in person each Saturday for 9 weeks (Utah only), and a virtual course taught in 2 sessions per week (generally one weeknight and Saturday morning for 9 weeks). Course tuition is $400 (financial assistance is available). Our students learn basic front-end web development, including HTML, CSS, and Javascript, and build their own simple website as a final project. We also have extensive career exploration opportunities during the course. Upon completion, each student will receive additional support in choosing their next steps, including additional training and education, job search assistance, or both. Our graduates are moving confidently into tech roles across all industries, all with the long term support of our Tech-Moms community. We truly live by our motto: Once a Tech-Mom, Always a Tech-Mom. 

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In the next installment of our Speed on Business series, Jakob Burke, Director of HomeCare Advocacy Network of Des Moines, a provider of in-home senior care services, shares how the company helps families in the Des Moines area navigate senior care using innovative technology and quality internet to assist in providing consistent, compassionate support. 


At HomeCare Advocacy Network (HCAN), we understand that excellent care depends on the power of connection. Our goal is to bridge the gap between high-quality care and families who need it most. 

Our expansion into Des Moines in February, marked a new chapter of dedicated service. Our mission at HCAN is to provide personalized care that feels like an extension of one’s family. Whether in the comfort of one's home or within an independent living facility community, our caregivers lend a hand with daily routines or offer specialized care.

In the ever-changing landscape of home care, high-speed internet service is critical to how we operate. From maintaining our social media presence to ensuring our 24/7 admin team is just a quick call away, Google Fiber keeps us connected to the families we serve and the healthcare professionals we partner with in Central Iowa.

Using GFiber is more than just about internet connectivity; it's about ensuring that video calls with families discussing care options are uninterrupted, digital training sessions for our caregivers are crystal-clear, and every administrative task is handled with utmost efficiency. It is the basis of our commitment to be there when needed, without fail.

Looking ahead, the long-term vision for HCAN is to not only meet the growing demand for quality home care but to revolutionize the industry. We are pioneering flexible care plans and innovative solutions, like our soon-to-be-launched AI monitoring tools, that provide additional support for our clients. Our specialized training programs, partnerships with hospice and home health organizations, and commitment to continuing education for our caregivers are what set us apart in a sea of home care options.

At HCAN, it’s not just about the services we provide, we care deeply about the culture we create within our team by fostering an environment where respect is paramount, and where the well-being of our caregivers is as important as that of the families we assist. Each family represents a unique story, a life enriched, a stress alleviated. And, as we continue to grow and support more families in need, we remain inspired by the possibilities of what thoughtful, connected care can achieve. 

HCAN is proud to deliver care that’s as resilient and enduring as the community we serve. For those seeking a partnership in care or simply exploring options, HCAN is here, arms wide open, ready to be the support you need, when you need it most. Together, we can navigate the journey ahead with confidence and compassion.

Posted By Jakob Burke, Director, Home Care Advocacy Network of Des Moines

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