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At Google Fiber, digital equity has always been core to our mission. We believe that everyone should have access to fast, reliable internet. In 2018, GFiber and the Community Foundation of Greater Huntsville launched the Digital Inclusion Fund, a grant program that supports local nonprofits with funding for digital-forward programming to help bring technology, know-how, and resources to traditionally underserved communities. 


Last week, the Community Foundation of Greater Huntsville hosted a GivingTuesday celebration and announced the 2023 recipients of the Google Fiber Digital Inclusion Fund. This year, six Huntsville-area nonprofits were awarded a total of $45,000 to support programming that teaches digital literacy to residents of all ages, fund technology and STEAM lab needs, support workforce development, prepares students for technology careers, and more. 

Digital Inclusion Fund 2023 recipients include:

Girls Incorporated of Huntsville – Girls In STEM (science, TECHNOLOGY, math)
Girls in STEM is a workforce development program that will teach digital skills and develop a new talent pool of black girls in middle and high school. This grant allows girls from under-resourced communities to connect with technology in an impactful way while interacting with technology mentors.

Huntsville Learning Center – High School STEAM Lab Smart Boards
Huntsville Learning Center’s new High School Program will include a new state-of-the-art STEAM lab as well as specialized ACT prep classes. Grant funding will provide Smart Boards to support each of these two new initiatives.

His Way Recovery Center – Resident GED and Educational Programs
His Way will establish an in-house GED Program for residents, which will include an instructor to teach the classes at their facility, Adult Basic Education software, and Chromebooks for resident use in completing the lessons. Certification programs will also be included.

Huntsville Library Foundation – Equitable Access
The Huntsville Library Foundation will break down language and access barriers and connect people with resources needed to not only secure a job, but also gain skills needed to sustain employment. They will ensure patrons with disabilities or limited English proficiency have equitable access to workforce development programs.

Boys & Girls Clubs of North Alabama – Digital by Design
Boys & Girls Clubs of North Alabama will expand the scope of digital programs that will provide relevant pathways to technology careers.  Currently youth are provided with Computer Science in the form of coding and video production, and this grant will support the establishment of a game development program.

The CAP & GOWN Project – 2024 STEM Summer Institute
The 2024 STEM Summer Institute will provide two weeks of free, rigorous, in-person ACT and college prep, and hands-on STEM learning, and four weeks of programming virtually via Google Classrooms. Students will learn digital literacy and utilize laptops to access resources to prepare for college. 

Thank you to the Community Foundation of Greater Huntsville, and congratulations to this year’s recipients of the Digital Inclusion Fund. We can’t wait to see what you do next! 

Posted by Ryun Jackson, Government & Community Affairs Manager

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In the vibrant city of Miami, Google Fiber proudly marked a decade of connecting lives and fostering community. The Miami GFiber team recently celebrated this milestone with sponsoring a movie night held on Brickell Key Properties, the very first property to get  Google Fiber Webpass service in Miami in 2013. 


Serving over 300 apartment and condominium communities across Miami, GFiber has offered fast, reliable connectivity for over a decade, and we’re continuing to connect new communities in the area every day. 

We constantly work to make sure our customers get more than what they need from our service. "My community relies on GFiber for both excellent customer service and reliable internet, ensuring top-notch quality and speed at every stage," said Daniela Alvarez, a GFiber customer and Brickell Key resident.

Our GFiber Miami team loved marking the occasion with our customers and celebrating 10 truly great years. We can’t wait to see what’s next for GFiber in Miami. Thank you to our customers and communities who have shared this journey with us! To find out if GFiber is available in your building, check availability here.

Posted by: Miami GFiber team

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Two years ago, Junior Achievement of Greater Kansas City chose Google Fiber’s 2 Gig service and we’ve never looked back. In recognition of National Entrepreneurship Month, we’re highlighting how Junior Achievement of Greater Kansas City uses reliable, high-speed internet to help achieve our goal of empowering the next generation of professionals, leaders, and entrepreneurs.

Our work at Junior Achievement is centered on three essential pillars: work readiness, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy. We offer a bridge between classrooms and the real world, preparing students for success in an evolving career landscape. Through programs catering to K-12 students, our adaptable curriculum provides valuable resources and lessons  that aren’t part of most schools’ required curriculum. 

Technology plays a huge role in our organization’s success. The decision to switch to Google Fiber's 2-Gig internet two years ago was partially driven by our desire to upgrade our internet, but more importantly, we wanted to elevate the experience of our students at the Youth Learning Lab, presented by the Mallouk Family Foundation.

One of the ways we’re elevating the experience is through our signature program: JA BizTown, presented by Community America Credit Union. This is an immersive experience where students step into the shoes of professionals. In the simulation, they learn how to run their own businesses, manage finances, and hone their ability to make decisions. JA BizTown challenges the next generation of employees to solve the nuanced, real-world issues that businesses face every day in a way that they connect with at their grade level. 

Our simulation relies on a cloud-based platform, and our GFiber's 2-Gig service allows us to ensure the technology enabling JA BizTown runs smoothly, offering a disruption-free environment for our students. With up to 100 devices running simultaneously, reliability is key to the program’s success. 

Each year, Junior Achievement of Greater Kansas City serves 20,000 students across the KC metro, nearly half of which experience capstone experiences onsite at the JA Youth Learning Lab. In addition, Junior Achievement welcomes 5,000 adult volunteers and community members onsite. We partner with more than 18 community organizations to execute our programs. In order to fulfill our mission and expand our impact, we need consistent, reliable connectivity so our programming and simulations don’t miss a beat. On a given day, we know that a dozen things could surprise us, but we have been able to count on the reliability of GFiber’s internet access.

Today, there’s so much pressure on young people to choose their career—and the options only continue to grow. Our programming, like JA BizTown or the 3DE model of education implemented at the high school level, opens their eyes to new opportunities they may not have previously considered. Our partnerships with Kansas City businesses inspire students by offering opportunities that align with their passions in unexpected ways. For instance, participants learn that they don’t have to be a center fielder to work for the Kansas City Royals. They can work in marketing, ticket sales, community outreach—the list goes on. Exposure to business mentors from the Kansas City business landscape further widens students’ perspectives, opening a world of possibilities for their choice-filled futures.


As we navigate the future of education, especially considering the challenges posed by the pandemic, community support is essential. Working with GFiber as a small business exemplifies the exact kind of collaboration needed to uplift our youth during a pivotal time in their lives. It takes all of us to collectively empower our future leaders and prepare them for success, and we’re so grateful for our supportive community.

If you’re interested in getting involved with Junior Achievement of Greater Kansas City, there are many ways to support. Volunteer your time, share your expertise, and become a mentor to a future leader. Our range of volunteer opportunities give everyone a chance to impact the lives of these students. Together, we are shaping futures, one student at a time.

Posted by Torey Berndt, Director of Marketing and Communications, Junior Achievement of Greater Kansas City 

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Most of you may know generally what Wi-Fi is and how it works (if you don’t, check out this blog post). But did you know there are different Wi-Fi frequencies that devices are able to use for faster wireless speeds?

What is Wi-Fi frequency?

Wi-Fi frequency is the radio wave frequency that Wi-Fi networks use to carry data between the internet and your device. There are three different Wi-Fi frequencies (also called bands) — each with their own benefits and tradeoffs.


Which frequency is best for you?

Most of the time, you won’t even have to think about it because the majority of Wi-Fi routers will use the best frequency as long as the network name and password are the same across all frequencies. If you need the fastest possible speeds, you should use the 5 GHz or 6 GHz frequency. If you need the best possible range, you should use the 2.4 GHz frequency.

Knowing how frequency works is helpful when making sure your devices are getting the most out of the Wi-Fi technology it’s equipped with, whether that’s Wi-Fi 5, 6, 6E or soon — Wi-Fi 7. We’ve put together a chart you can use as a quick guideline when you need to know which frequencies each Wi-Fi technology supports and how fast they can go.

Posted by Ishan Patel, Product Manager

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Since 2016, Google Fiber has partnered with Kramden Institute in Durham, North Carolina to address digital equity needs in the state. Kramden is a digital inclusion nonprofit with a mission to provide technology tools and training to bridge the digital divide. The digital divide is the gap between those who have affordable access, skills and support to effectively engage online, and those who do not. For the past seven years, GFiber has supported Kramden’s work, funding computer distributions and digital skills training for economically disadvantaged individuals across the state.

In 2022, GFiber’s donation was directed towards stipends for internship positions at Kramden. Nadel Comper was the first intern who received a stipend supported by GFiber’s donation, who joined the team in February 2022. She was ultimately hired as a permanent member of the Kramden team and is now the organization’s Lead Technician. Nadel shares her intern experience:

As a part of my Applied Science degree work study requirement at Wake Tech Community College, I participated in the Kramden Institute internship program, funded by GFiber. The program director suggested Kramden Institute as a great opportunity to gain practical work experience. I researched Kramden and immediately knew it would be the perfect fit.

I enjoyed my internship at Kramden Institute from day one. Since my focus was tech support, I wanted to learn how to troubleshoot and repair devices, the process involved in data transfer, and get experience doing support calls. I got all the above and more.


My favorite part was helping the education team with digital literacy classes and clubs. Meeting and helping some of the people who directly benefited from Kramden’s mission, really put into perspective how important it is for people to have access to a computer and computer training. I hear all the time from Kramden recipients how they have used the devices we provide to get new jobs, learn new skills, further their education, or help their children in school.

Recently a woman who participated in our digital literacy class had transportation difficulties and needed assistance getting a computer and setting up her Wi-Fi connection. She had previously never owned a computer, and would have been at risk of losing her job. I was glad Kramden was able to provide her with a computer and I was able to assist her to work remotely. Parents have also shared with me how computers provided by Kramden have allowed their children to have access to digital resources, and participate in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) related activities at school- especially during the pandemic.

Now that I work full-time at Kramden Institute as a lead technician, I still get opportunities to work closely with other Kramden interns. I often get feedback from new interns about their experience- each person stating having learned something unique from the internship. One intern who works with our technology manager (who was tasked recently with making changes to how we deploy new devices through our server management), had a great opportunity to learn a little more about server management and deployment, and even inventory management from him.

With the continued growth of Kramden Institute and support from GFiber towards bridging the digital divide, we added two program interns in 2023 who assist our Education team with data entry and computer distribution.

I am grateful to GFiber for assisting me with the opportunity to further my education and experience. I learned a lot during my time as an intern- this set the stage for a bright rewarding career.

Posted by Nadel Comper, Lead Technician

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A couple of weeks ago, I was in Paris at Network X, sharing the news that GFiber Labs plans to be among the first to roll out 20 Gig + Wi-Fi 7 before the end of the year. Today, we want to show exactly what the product can do so we took it out for a test spin in my house in Kansas City.

As we’ve previously discussed, we’ve made significant network investments to make 20 Gig speeds possible, but what’s really exciting is the wireless experience with a pre-certified Wi-Fi 7 router. As you can see, it’s fast across the board and enables multiple devices to take advantage of multi-gig speeds, even over Wi-Fi and across multiple floors — which is important because the vast majority of our in-home internet connections happen over Wi-Fi. GFiber collaborated with Actiontec to design and produce a custom, pre-certified Wi-Fi 7 router, even before the Wi-Fi 7 standards are finalized, to ensure that our 20 Gig customers can take advantage of as much of the speed as possible.

The response has been a little overwhelming — we’ve already had thousands of people express interest in getting 20 Gig + Wi-Fi 7 in their homes (and if you’re interested in being part of the limited early access group you can sign up here). We’re glad you’re excited, we are too! You may be curious or have more questions, so we’re hosting an Ask Me Anything on on Monday, Nov 20, at 10:00 AM PT/1:00 PM ET focused exclusively on 20 Gig + Wi-Fi 7. We hope you’ll join us! 

Oh, and just ICYMI:

In a "lab-like" environment:

Total throughput of 15 Gbps across multiple devices achieving multi-gig speeds simultaneously (tablet speed test = 8.0, so 2.3+2.1+2.6+8.0=15!). 
Across the whole house:

Multi-gig speeds across three floors using Wi-Fi 7 extender with MultiLink Operation (MLO) backhaul

And for gaming devices:

Low latency on multiplayer games using Wi-Fi 7 extender with MLO, eliminating the need to connect directly to router

GFiber Labs is continuing to push on what’s possible for the internet. We’re excited to see what our customers can do with next generation internet, and we’re continuing to work, with great partners like Actiontec, to make sure we’re not just ready for the future, we’re helping define it. 

Posted by Nick Saporito, Head of Product

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Google Fiber is proud to announce Melani Griffith as the company’s first-ever Chief Growth Officer (CGO). In this role, Melani will continue to set the course for GFiber’s continued customer growth, overseeing the entire customer lifespan from brand and marketing, sales, digital, customer service, and public relations.


Melani’s strategic leadership and customer advocacy set the stage for GFiber to be one of the most awarded internet companies ever — most recently from JD Power as the top internet service provider in the South Region, with a score of 839, which significantly outperformed any other company in any region in the survey. As Vice President of Customer Engagement, her organization has more than doubled our customer base over the past five years, and established a standard for customer service that is unparalleled in our industry.

As CGO, Melani will continue to lead this charge for GFiber, reshaping the customer experience to provide truly differentiated services that make it easier for them on every front. These efforts include innovative self-driven, real time options; AI integration for more personalized interactions; an upgraded, engaging app experience; and continued focus on the human side of the customer service experience as well. GFiber doesn’t want our customers to ever HAVE to call us, but when they do we want to make sure that it’s notably easy and seamless. This will continue to drive our approach to customer engagement under Melani’s ongoing leadership.
Melani and her leadership team

Melani has over three decades of experience in the telecommunications industry, serving in senior leadership positions at Rogers Communications, Time Warner, Insight Communications, and AMC Networks among others, in a number of different departments including sales, marketing, and content acquisition. She has served on the board for CTAM (Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing) and the national board of directors for Women in Cable Telecommunications (WICT). 

“Our goal at GFiber is to redefine customer experience — providing customers with service that’s not just different but unparalleled,” said Dinni Jain, CEO. “Melani is exactly the right leader to bring that vision to life. Her pursuit of operational excellence is matched only by her dedication to our customers. It’s that tenacity that will lead to the type of operational excellence and continuous improvement that our customers should expect from us.”

Posted by the GFiber Team
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In September, Google Fiber announced that we are planning to bring fast, reliable internet to Bellevue, Nebraska. We’re currently in the planning process and intend to start construction this winter with the goal of starting to offer service to our first customers in the city by the middle of the year.

In Bellevue, we’re working with a new construction vendor for us — ALLO Fiber — to build our network. A Nebraska-based company, ALLO Fiber has connected residents in the state for the past 20 years, and is ready to hit the ground running. In fact, that’s why we’re able to start building the network so quickly — matching our fastest time from announcement to construction ever in Mesa, AZ! We’re looking forward to working together to bring GFiber’s award-winning internet service into homes across the city.

The City of Bellevue is committed to bringing better internet to their residents, and GFiber is looking forward to being a part of that connected future. We’re excited to be working with an innovative, like-minded local company to make it happen. We’ll continue to look for new ways to deliver quality internet services to communities ever more rapidly. If you are interested in updates on our progress in Bellevue and availability in your area, sign up here.

Posted by Andy Simpson, General Manager - Central Region

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Google Fiber is committed to supporting women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). As part of that commitment, we have supported the San Antonio Young Women's Leadership Academy Robotics program for the past several years with a grant that enables more young women at the academy to participate in the program. With the success of the program and the team winning their first competition this year, Ignacia Negrete Kilgore, YWLA CTE Departmental Chair shares the impact the program is making and how grateful she is for the sponsorships and partnerships that resulted in the success of the program so far.

Young Women’s Leadership Academy (YWLA) is a nonprofit STEM-focused organization in San Antonio, Texas. The entirety of what we do is dedicated to supporting young women by providing them with the necessary academic skills in STEM to achieve success in college — and it’s an organization I’m proud to be a part of. Right now, we serve over 500 female students, the majority of whom are Latina, live in low income households, and soon will become first generation college students.


But before we get into the heart of the work we do at YWLA, I want to tell you a bit about how I fit into all of this. 

I started my engineering journey at Texas Tech University. I didn't know much about engineering at all — but I knew I wanted to learn. At first, it was very challenging, especially being one of the few women in the mechanical engineering program, and a Latina who was still learning English. I knew during my time there that I wanted to help change this feeling of “outsiderness” for future female engineers.

Soon after I graduated from Texas Tech, I was approached by a representative of YWLA with the opportunity to teach engineering to young women in their program. Just as I’d hoped, my doorway to make a difference in my field opened up. That was 8 years ago — and I’m still here, doing the work that I love by serving the future of women in STEM. 

Shortly after I started teaching, I began envisioning where I wanted my engineering program to go. That’s when the transformation of San Antonio’s only all-girl  FRC  Robotics program came into play.  

I got to work with my team and quickly added courses that would give our students certifications like AutoCAD, Inventor, and college credits for Computer Science, which led to the Robotics team qualifying for competitions. It was a big moment for our program and our students. But we had another massive hurdle to overcome -a stark lack of funding. 

Simply put, though we began to qualify for state competitions, we couldn’t afford to attend them. This felt incredibly unfair to our hardworking students, so once again… we got to work.

I put together a sponsorship package and was grateful to connect with a local member of the GFiber team, who understood the importance of the program and knew it was the type of digital Inclusion and equity initiative that GFiber works to support. 

That connection changed everything for us. Thanks to GFiber, we've been able to grow the program, provide better equipment, and not only qualify for competitions, but attend them (with multiple students)!  

Last year, the program was able to pay for additional hotel rooms, food, and rent an additional vehicle to carry a total of 14 students (almost the entire team) to the competition. This was a game changer for our  kids. Now, they could do the work and see their work in a competitive environment. This excitement from our students has radiated outwards. Our program is growing like never before and our graduates are ascending to new heights — attending prestigious engineering schools. 

We've had students go to MIT, Brown University,  Rice University, Texas A&M and the University of Texas at Austin, among others. In addition to getting into these competitive programs, the girls who participate in the robotics program are persisting through their rigorous engineering and stem degree programs to earn their degrees. The demands of the competitive robotic environment helps them build foundational skills for navigating these male-dominated spaces at the college level and beyond. This is the kind of impact that the YWLA Robotics program is making with the support of GFiber.

The achievements of our Robotics program would not be possible without a supportive team of people contributing to our success. We are truly blessed to have mentors and volunteers with great skills and experience. I am also thankful for my Head of School, Delia Montelongo, and my mentor and friend, Ashley Cash; these two inspiring women have taught me the skills needed to advocate for female STEM education and have always trusted and given me the freedom to go out there and find sponsors and partners like GFiber. It is amazing to see the growth and success that has come about due to all the support. I look forward to the continuous success of the Robotics program to educate and impact many more young girls, making great strides towards digital equity and inclusion.

Posted By Ignacia Kilgore, CTE Departmental Chair - San Antonio YWLA

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Less than a month ago we rolled out 5 Gig service in Huntsville, and Google Fiber is ready to turn the speed up once again for our customers in Alabama! As of today, you can sign up for our symmetrical 8 Gig service in the Rocket City for just $150 a month. 

The 8 Gig plan includes symmetrical upload and download speeds up to 8,000 Mbps, a Wi-Fi 6 router (or you can use your own), up to 2 mesh extenders for strong WI-Fi coverage, and professional installation with GFiber’s dedicated customer service.


Huntsville is a city that’s always been on the cutting edge of technology, and GFiber has loved being a part of the story of innovation that drives the city. We can’t wait to see what happens when our customers put all that speed to use, whether it’s multi-stream streaming, speed-of-thought gaming, big data uploads and downloads, or something we can’t even imagine. We know big things are happening in Huntsville — and they can happen even faster with GFiber 8 Gig.

Posted by Nick Saporito, Head of Product

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